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Here Ye, Here Ye…It’s “About Time” You Try This Protein Powder!!

As a Bariatric dietitian I am always on the lookout for new and exciting, yet nutritionally sound and appropriate, products for my patients.  Therefore, when I was contacted by SDC Nutrition to request that I sample their About Time brand of whey protein powder and write a review I was ecstatic!  The first thing that […]

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Taking Some of My Own Medicine

Happy New Year to everyone!! Like most, I found myself over-indulging this past holiday season; whether it was a friend’s party one weekend or an office luncheon another day, I soon found I had lost my sense of structure. My routine has been inadvertently cast aside, however it is now time to seize control and […]

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The Easy Guide to Eating Local

Guest Blog by James Kim Eating local reduces your food’s carbon footprint while bringing fresher food to your plate. Because local food spends less time traveling from farm to market, it not only benefits the environment, it benefits your stomach too! Local produce is fresher and more nutrient rich than even organic food. While it […]

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Healthy Summertime Cooking

When the weather begins to warm up and patio furniture is set free from storage for some outdoor reclining, there is only one other piece missing from this puzzle…backyard grilling!  Grilling is a healthy way to prepare foods since they are cooked without adding excessive amounts of unhealthy fats and oils.  An added benefit to cooking outside […]

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Gluttony or Simply Celebrating Annual Holidays?

Recently while making a quick stop at CVS I was flabbergasted when I saw the sheer volume of Easter candy on the shelves.  Not only was one aisle overfilled with various shapes, flavors and brands of Easter themed candies, but separate displays were also abundantly stocked.  Let me start off by saying that I love candy, probably more […]

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Cookin’ Right

Who doesn’t love a warm, crisp and gooey mozzarella stick generously dipped in an aromatic marinara sauce?  How about a tender and juicy boneless buffalo tender with a hearty slathering of blue cheese dressing?  Or one of my all-time favorites:  a thickly sliced beer battered onion ring smothered in a horseradish dipping sauce?  These foods all share a primary […]

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Are Carbs More Addictive Than Cocaine

The title of this blog immediately came into my head once I read the name of this article, “Are Carbs More Addictive Than Cocaine?”, when I was scouring the internet for some nutrition related pieces.  I read this article with vigor and relish because I aim to instill a similar mantra in my patients.  As a dietitian […]

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A Getaway Indeed!!!

A couple of weekends ago my fiancee and I celebrated my birthday/Valentine’s Day all rolled into one by going to the Essex Culinary Resort & Spa in Essex Junction, Vermont,  I thought it was going to be quite the arduous hike, but it turned out to be about a three hour ride with lots of breathtaking […]

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Worcester’s Best Chef Competition from a Chef RD Perspective

Yes I’m a Registered Dietitian, but more importantly I consider myself a foodie.  Please don’t mistake “foodie” for “food snob;” sure I enjoy a fancy night out with a multi-course meal and wine pairings, however I equally relish a good ol’ bag of soft and chewy Sour Patch Kids while watching judge shows in my […]

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Flavors Meld and a Masterpiece is Made…All While You’re at Work!

Crock pots, slow cookers, you say tomato I say ta-ma-to.  Different words, but the same idea: tossing protein, veggies and seasonings into an electric cooking vessel and simmering for hours so the result is a tender, comforting meal that doesn’t require babysitting.  Once thought of as a fad to most, these time savers are definitely […]

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