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Q&A: Pass the Quinoa

Q: Why is quinoa so expensive and is it really good for you? ~Marcie (MA) A: Greetings to you Marcie!!  Great inquiry about quinoa, often touted as a “super grain.”  Funny enough, quinoa is not an actual grain and is related to leafy, green veggies, i.e. spinach.  Quinoa has earned its notoriety because of the numerous health and nutritious […]

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Brrrrrrr…Exercise in this weather??

Believe it or not the first day of Winter is almost upon us; December 21st will be here before we know it, although for some it already feels like the middle of Winter with blustery winds and low temperatures causing shivers.  People often say that they find this time of year the hardest to get movin’, what […]

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New Year’s Resolutions aka Hogwash

We’ve all been there…”Come January 1st I’m going to go to the gym everyday” or “For the New Year I’m giving up sweets.”  Ah yes, good ol’ New Year’s resolutions; we have a tendency to make them quite stringent and then when we “mess up” and maybe skip a day at the gym or have […]

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Turkey Day is Just Around the Corner…

The time of year is upon us where folks begin stocking up on pantry items and ingredients in preparation for Thanksgiving; the meal where everyone is expected to take cat naps after dinner and then gather around the table for a second round with turkey sandwiches and all the fixins’.  Why not make this holiday […]

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Fiber: Feel Full and Keep Your Stomach A Happy Camper!

Fiber has gotten a bad rap in the past with people envisioning bloating, discomfort and gas as an instinctive association.  It is true that if certain foods, (i.e. beans, broccoli, onions, cabbage) are consumed in large quantities they may cause the abovementioned symptoms, however not all gastrointestinal tracts are the same and tolerances vary by individual. Fiber should […]

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Dear Restaurant Chains: Instead of Rocketing Calories Sky High, How About We See More Calorie Busting???

Recently I have seen a slew of advertisements/announcements regarding new menu items for a variety of establishments.  I’m sure that many are familiar with radio/television ads hyping the latest and greatest burger, sandwich, etc.  One would think that in this day and age eateries would be wanting to project their images with more of a nutritionally sound approach since […]

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Quick & Easy Doesn’t Necessarily Translate to Healthy

After a long day, whether it’s spent at work or at home with the kids, sometimes preparing dinner for the family can seem like an elaborate task that you don’t feel up to undertaking.  Pulling open those cabinets and praying for a miracle, you are relieved to see a box of Hamburger Helper so you begin […]

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Snackedy Snack Snack!!

Whether you’re trying to tide yourself over until lunch or overcome that 3 p.m. hump at work and be productive, grabbing something to nosh on between meals is the norm for many people.  Some have a daily rendezvous with the vending machine, while others may have a personal stash in their desk drawer.  There is nothing […]

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Dehydration That is Good For You!

I have always been a sucker for dried fruit.  Before I embarked on a career path in Nutrition, portion control was not a term in my vocabulary when someone plunked down a bowl of dried fruit in front of me.  Handful after handful  and I was still not satisfied, continuing to munch away.  Then one day I happened […]

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Don’t Let Childhood Favs Like Juice and Milk Follow You With a Heavy Tread Into Adulthood

I’ve worked in a variety of healthcare settings within the nutrition field and one of the common denominators I’ve seen is that milk and juice continue to be the fluids of choice for many people.  Observing children at a young age being plied with juice and milk can do  damage that is not immediately detectable with […]

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