Flavors Meld and a Masterpiece is Made…All While You’re at Work!

Crock pots, slow cookers, you say tomato I say ta-ma-to.  Different words, but the same idea: tossing protein, veggies and seasonings into an electric cooking vessel and simmering for hours so the result is a tender, comforting meal that doesn’t require babysitting.  Once thought of as a fad to most, these time savers are definitely making a comeback to the kitchen.  With many households having two parents working outside of the home and families constantly on the go with after school activities, the crock pot is a perfect solution for getting a home cooked meal on the table!

The advantage of being able to “set it and forget it,” as was the tag line for Ron Popeil’s rotisserie oven, is what truly makes the crock pot so easy to work with.  Additionally, less expensive cuts of meat (i.e. stew meat, short ribs, pork shoulder, chicken thighs) turn out moist and tender after a handful of hours of cooking.  Making meals in a crock pot is a great example of batch cooking so that you’re able to make a large quantity at one time and then freeze the remaining portions.

There are numerous crock pot recipes available on the internet that you can search simply by typing in “healthy crock pot recipes” in your favorite search engine.  On the other hand you can always wing it, i.e. throw some chicken breasts, salsa, black beans in a crock pot and cook until chicken is 165 degrees F and falling apart.  Go out and purchase a crock pot, or better yet raid your mom’s cabinets, brush the dust off the lid and head home with a new cooking treasure!

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