Cookin’ Right

Who doesn’t love a warm, crisp and gooey mozzarella stick generously dipped in an aromatic marinara sauce?  How about a tender and juicy boneless buffalo tender with a hearty slathering of blue cheese dressing?  Or one of my all-time favorites:  a thickly sliced beer battered onion ring smothered in a horseradish dipping sauce?  These foods all share a primary trait which contributes to their mass appeal to consumers:  FRIED.  Tastiest when fresh out of the fryer…and then the question that inevitably haunts many of us post-consumption:  “Why did I eat that?”

Duuuuuh, we eat fried foods and a whole host of other unhealthy items because they TASTE GOOD!  Unfortunately, if we eat based solely on what we “want/crave” versus what we “need” we end up in not the healthiest of states.  Therefore, the majority of the time we need to eat with our heads and not just our eyes, as well as employ nutritionally sound cooking methods.  So, what do we do??? 

Crunch without the fat and flavor minus the guilt = baking or sauteing minus the fat.  Let’s be realistic here:  if I put a fried french fry next to a baked french fry I’m sure most people could discern the difference.  However, the point here is not to create an exact replica of the original, but to enjoy a palatable and savory substitute that is heart healthy.  Since I’m a fan of the  previously mentioned violators of the health commandments, if you will, these are some of the variations I have tried and had success with:

*Purchase low-fat string cheese, dip in eggbeaters, roll in seasoned breadcrumbs.  Spray a non-stick pan with Pam Olive Oil spray and quickly crisp on all sides so that cheese is warm and melty, but not a pool of melted cheese 🙂 (*NOTE* even if they do melt too much, they’re yummy)

*Toast some whole grain bread, spritz with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and then rub a fresh garlic clove over the top for a healthier version of garlic bread! (*NOTE* for cheesy garlic bread, strip a few strings off a low fat string cheese, lay them over the top of the bread and toast until cheese is melted)

*Cut sweet potatoes into wedges and bake for about 30 minutes on 400 degrees F until crisp; as soon as they come out of the oven sprinkle with sea salt, cayenne pepper and cinnamon

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