Here Ye, Here Ye…It’s “About Time” You Try This Protein Powder!!

As a Bariatric dietitian I am always on the lookout for new and exciting, yet nutritionally sound and appropriate, products for my patients.  Therefore, when I was contacted by SDC Nutrition to request that I sample their About Time brand of whey protein powder and write a review I was ecstatic! 

The first thing that caught my eye was that their About Time whey protein powder does not contain any artificial sweetners and instead is sweetened with Stevia.  A lot of my patients do not want to use products that contain artificial sweetners what with all the controversial research about their potential detriment; this can sometimes make finding a protein powder that they enjoy difficult since the majority I have come across that meet our nutrition guidelines have sucralose, asparatame or saccharin in them.  However, the About Time whey protein  powder does meet our bariatric nutrition guidelines for protein supplements and is naturally sweetened, which is a win win for my patients!

So now the most important factor…taste.  Anything can look great nutritionally, but if it doesn’t taste good no one is going to incorporate it into their lifestyle as a staple.  I was sent three different flavors:  chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon swirl; also, I noted they have a birthday cake flavor which sounds super yummy!  Traditionally the thought is that the true taste test of protein powder is to mix it with water so that milk or some other “flavored” beverage doesn’t mask its good or bad attributes.  Thus, I mixed the vanilla whey protein, (103 cals, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of total carbohydrates and 25 grams protein) with about 10 oz. of water.  After some vigorous swirls of the spoon the powder mixed easily with the water and it was time to drink up.  I couldn’t believe how tasty the shake was…mixed with water no less!  There wasn’t a metallic or cloyingly sweet aftertaste which are often the primary issues with some protein powders. 

Although I routinely recommend whey protein shakes to my patients as meal replacements to be utilized on a limited basis, (because eating actual foods for vitamins, minerals and nutrients is best), personally I tend not to enjoy them.  Nevertheless, as someone who at times struggles with regularly eating breakfast I could see myself keeping some of the About Time whey protein powder on hand for a quick meal on the go; not only is About Time brand whey protein powder palatable, it’s good!! 🙂

Check it out and order a trial pack, (free shipping to boot!!), at

I look forward to having a new product to share with my patients…many thanks SDC Nutrition!!!


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