Q&A: Keeping Track of Calorie Intake

A lot of new diets include strict directions on counting calories and making sure you are staying within the limit for your body weight. With your meals and suggestions, do you factor in calories, and what is your opinion on preparing meals with a certain number of calories?

– Lindsay (ME)

Hi Lindsay, you’re right! A lot of diets base their philosophies around calorie counting, which makes sense because in order to gain or lose weight we only have to look at a basic formula: Total Calories In – Total Calories Out = Weight Gained/Lost.  Unfortunately, the nuts and bolts of this calculation is a lot easier understood in theory versus the actual number crunching.

Calories always play a large part when I am making snack and meal recommendations, however my intention is to for clients to avoid painstakingly counting them.  I don’t want to overburden those who are trying to lose weight since most of the general population doesn’t have a lot of spare time nowadays.  Therefore, when discussing meals options with clients I inform them of the lean choices so that when they eat them in the appropriate portion size then the calories take care of themselves, so to speak.  Teaching clients to prepare food healthfully, weigh and measure out foods/condiments and keep a record of what they’re consuming are the building blocks to ensuring that a practical and safe number of calories are consumed. 

– Miss Chef RD


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