Q&A: Tea As Daily Fluid Intake

Hi Miss Chef RD, In your professional opinion, does the TAZO Green tea count as my fluid intake for the day? Why is Green tea a recommended diet drink? Do you recommend drinking 8-10oz of unsweetened green tea per day? Thank you in advance for your response! CHEERS!

– Angela (MA)

Hello Angela,  excellent question!  What with the warmer weather upon us, people may be looking for icy cold refreshment in the form of iced tea and it’s important to know a couple of things.  Frequently the question of “how much water/fluid should I drink per day” is posed to me; such a simple question requiring a convoluted response.  The reality is there are multiple factors to take into account when figuring the amount of fluid to be imbibed daily, such as where one lives and their activity level.  Therefore, “8 x 8-ounce glasses/day” is the general rule of thumb that most people aim for to ensure adequate intake.  Additionally, checking to see that your urine is either colorless or slightly yellow is another way to be fairly confident that you are well hydrated.

Generally speaking, caffeinated beverages should not be considered part of your daily fluid intake because caffeine is considered a diuretic, meaning it can cause mild dehydration, especially in people with insufficient intake.  Thus, any type of caffeinated tea, (i.e. green, black, etc.) should not be counted towards your fluids for the day.

Green tea is often characterized as helping one to shed excess pounds.  Since green tea contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and why many people use it as their morning pick-me-up, it can slightly increase one’s metabolism, which in turn helps speed up the burning of calories.  However, there have been few scientific research studies to prove that green tea, and largely caffeine, aid in long-term weight loss.

In terms of the types of fluid I would recommend people drink routinely to meet their needs, water is the best choice.  That being said, everyone likes a little flavor in their lives so to help mix it up, artificially sweetened low-calorie beverages (i.e. Crystal Lite and Powerade Zero are a couple of my favorites) once in a while is fine.  In terms of unsweetened green tea, I would instead opt for an unsweetened herbal tea, such as Tazo Passion tea; it tastes great and is caffeine-free.  Thanks for writing and keep that water bottle handy!

– Miss Chef RD

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