Expert Q&A

Q&A: Pass the Quinoa

Q: Why is quinoa so expensive and is it really good for you? ~Marcie (MA) A: Greetings to you Marcie!!  Great inquiry about quinoa, often touted as a “super grain.”  Funny enough, quinoa is not an actual grain and is related to leafy, green veggies, i.e. spinach.  Quinoa has earned its notoriety because of the numerous health and nutritious […]

Q&A: Water With Lemon Please

Q: Why does water with lemon help with your metabolism and “jump start” dieting? How much water with lemon should you drink per day? Can you drink too much water with lemon? ~Lelalou (MA) A: Happy New Year Lelalou and I appreciate you writing in with a question!  Lemon juice does contain certain properties that can […]

Q&A: Protein Shakes

Q: Hi, I have recently started using the WHEY Protein power for shakes. There are so many different kinds. I currently have the EAS WHEY Protein. What is the difference? Also, which one is better for you if your dieting? Thanks! ~Kimberly (MA) A: Hi Kimberly, You couldn’t be more right!  There are so many […]

Q&A: Ying & Yang of Eating Healthy

I’ve recently heard about “cooling” and “warming” foods; what are some examples of them and why are they call such? ~Julia (Indiana) Hi Julia, Quite an interesting question you have asked!  The concept of cooling and warming foods is often related to the symbolism of yin and yang, meaning “a balance.”  In particular, inhabitants of Asian […]

Q&A: Nutritional Differences between Red, Yellow, Orange or Green Peppers?

Are there any beneficial health differences between red, yellow, orange or green peppers? ~ Marc (MA) Hi Marc, What a timely question you have posed considering bell pepper season is right around the corner!  I’m sure that we have all noticed that there is a difference in taste between green bell peppers and the yellow, […]

Q&A: Eating Healthy In Your Own Culture

How can one eat healthy in the context of their own culture’s food?  Coming from Asian descent, the Asian diet doesn’t normally consist of salads and large cuts of meat, but instead has lots of carbohydrates, little protein content and lots of veggies – Brian ( Vancouver, Canada) Thank you for the question Brian.  This […]

Q&A: Tea As Daily Fluid Intake

Hi Miss Chef RD, In your professional opinion, does the TAZO Green tea count as my fluid intake for the day? Why is Green tea a recommended diet drink? Do you recommend drinking 8-10oz of unsweetened green tea per day? Thank you in advance for your response! CHEERS! – Angela (MA) Hello Angela,  excellent question!  What […]

Q&A: Keeping Track of Calorie Intake

A lot of new diets include strict directions on counting calories and making sure you are staying within the limit for your body weight. With your meals and suggestions, do you factor in calories, and what is your opinion on preparing meals with a certain number of calories? – Lindsay (ME) Hi Lindsay, you’re right! A […]

Q&A: Protein Bars

There are so many protein/meal replacement bars available. What should I look for, besides palatability, when choosing a “heathy” protein bar – especially if one is trying to limit intake of carbohydrates? – Virginia (MA) Hi Virginia, great question!  In recent years all different types of bars have become more popular, from some alleging to help […]