Miss Chef RD is a company where we not only aim to improve the nutritional status of our clients, but also to satisfy their stomachs and their senses. Arming them with nutritional know-how and teaching them that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring or bland, our clients are then well prepared to fight the war against empty calorie foods and beverages!

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Services Miss Chef RD Offers:

  • Private Healthy Chef
  • RD to the Rescue
  • Kitchen Cupboard Home Consultation
  • Local Super Market Shopping Consultation
  • Email Consultation from Questionnaire and Food Log
  • Phone Consultation from Questionnaire and Food Log             

Private Healthy Chef  Watch and Learn!!!  You’ll have a front row seat in your very own kitchen where we will cook a healthy, yet flavorful meal right before your very eyes.  Not only will your tastebuds be tantalized and satisfied, but your brain will get a hearty helping of ideas regarding how to cook flavorfully without the usual suspects aka fat, calories and carbs.  *Recipe cards provided for the meal that is served*

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RD to the Rescue
Need a couple of easy to prepare brunch recipes in a jiffy because guests are arriving in the morning? Maybe you are in search of some taste tested fresh menu ideas for a dinner party? Or perhaps you have a question about your calorie needs? Miss Chef RD is at your service, ready to solve your conundrum!! Nothing is too big or too small, contact us for a quote.

Kitchen Cupboard Home Consultation
Tired of looking at the same ol’ canned/boxed foods in your pantry???  Let us help you “remodel” your kitchen shelves with healthy, tasty ingredients so you can make meals that will physically satisfy your hunger AND your palate!

Local Super Market Shopping Consultation
Do you find yourself wandering the aisles of the supermarket lost among nutrition labels, unsure how to read them and what to focus on??? Take advantage of the ability to have a Registered Dietitian by your side to help you get the facts straight and assist you in the purchasing of a variety of ingredients so you can create healthy, tasty meals at home.

Email Consultation from Questionnaire and Food Log
Perhaps you’re often on the go and there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to schedule an office visit about your eating habits, then this option may be what you’re looking for!  First, we will have you fill out a basic questionnaire so we can get a feel for your goals and tailor the counseling to suit your needs.  From there, we will email you templates of our food logs  which you will fill out and e-mail back to us on a weekly basis.  Once received, we will analyze them for calorie, fat, carb contents, etc., provide you with the results, as well as individualized feedback/suggestions in order to tweak your intake to aid in the achievement of your goals.

Phone Consultation from Questionnaire and Food Log
Some people feel they can develop a better rapport with a practitioner through an actual conversation versus e-mail, so we have a phone-based option available as well.  We will set up a convenient time for you to be able to candidly discuss with us what you are looking to achieve so that we can competently meet your needs; food log templates will be emailed to you, which you will fill out and e-mail back to us on a weekly basis.  Once we receive them, we will analyze them for calorie, fat, carb contents, etc. and e-mail you the results.  Lastly, we will engage in an in-depth discussion with you, making personalized recommendations through the evaluation your habits and behaviors

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