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Q&A: Water With Lemon Please

Q: Why does water with lemon help with your metabolism and “jump start” dieting? How much water with lemon should you drink per day? Can you drink too much water with lemon? ~Lelalou (MA) A: Happy New Year Lelalou and I appreciate you writing in with a question!  Lemon juice does contain certain properties that can […]

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New Year’s Resolutions aka Hogwash

We’ve all been there…”Come January 1st I’m going to go to the gym everyday” or “For the New Year I’m giving up sweets.”  Ah yes, good ol’ New Year’s resolutions; we have a tendency to make them quite stringent and then when we “mess up” and maybe skip a day at the gym or have […]

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Turkey Day is Just Around the Corner…

The time of year is upon us where folks begin stocking up on pantry items and ingredients in preparation for Thanksgiving; the meal where everyone is expected to take cat naps after dinner and then gather around the table for a second round with turkey sandwiches and all the fixins’.  Why not make this holiday […]

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Weight Loss Journey – Rachel Week 6&7

The past two weeks have been extremely crucial in my weight loss journey.  I was at a standstill and I knew that I had 3 pounds to lose and it was turning out to be extremely difficult. Until I started this diet I was always under the impression that calories were important.  The first weeks […]

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