What does Miss Chef RD mean?

Melissa, who also goes by the nickname Missy, is Miss Chef RD! Miss Chef RD has three different degrees in the studies of Culinary Arts, Nutrition and Health Promotion and is a licensed Registered Dietitian; this makes her a dual threat in helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle! In the name Miss Chef RD, Missy is symbolized by “Miss”, her culinary degree is depicted by “Chef,” and her being a Registered Dietitian is expressed by “RD.”

Why is there a rabbit in the Miss Chef RD logo?

Melissa is an animal lover and the rabbit represents her beloved mini-lop rabbit, Trudy.
Visit the About The Chef section to see a photo of Trudy!

Where do you travel?

Currently travel is limited to Greater New England provided the destination is within two hours of Boston. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibility of her traveling outside of the New England region.

How much are travel costs?

Travel costs vary depending on your location; the charge depends on your proximity to the Boston area. Contact us today for a quote!

Do I still pay Miss Chef RD if I cancel an appointment?

Miss Chef RD has made a commitment to you and depending on the package you have chosen, Miss Chef RD may have already purchased the ingredients for the services to be provided. To cancel your appointment please call/email us 48 hours in advance. Credit cards will be charged half of the service price for less than 48 hours notice and the full service price for less than 24 hours notice.

How do I receive food logs to start tracking my eating habits?

Once payment is received for a food log consultation package, we will e-mail you a brief questionnaire so we can learn a little more about you and your eating habits; you will also receive our customized food logs at this time. A date will be mutually agreed upon regarding the return of completed food logs and the consultation.

When is payment required?

Once a service is selected and a date has been mutually agreed upon payment is required, (prior to the services being rendered).*

*For the “Cooking Healthy for Two”, the price of ingredients must be reimbursed at the time of the event. Miss Chef will provide an estimate of what the food cost will be prior to the event.


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If you are interested in one of Miss Chef RD's Services, please Contact us for scheduling and final pricing.
Services can be combined at discounted rates.